Kynto Gif Maker

This is one of our favorite features and at its core one of the most important feature Kynto offers. The ability to make gif’s and share them inside of Kynto as well as Facebook using 14 different filters.

You can create gif’s up to 32gb in length. The average gif size is 2.4kb. In context 32gb is 32,000,000kb. Meaning you can create gif’s 13,333,333 x times the size of a average gif. This can allow for Machinima and TV show creation. A good example of this is South Park, Red Vs Blue, and Code Monkeys.

Express Yourself!

Get Started

To use the Gif Maker select the Camera icon in the top left corner of the Kynto GUI Navigation Bar. When you click or tap on this button it will launch the gif creator / photo mode.

Kynto Camera

Once you open the gif maker you will be greeted by the settings menu. This menu is how you will change the look for the gif that you are creating. Lets go over each section of the gif creator. Open Popout, View Window, Zoom, Filter Intensity, Frames Per Second, Duration, Select a Filter, Multiply, Record, Gallery.

Open Popout

The Open Popout button allows you simplify this menu to a single pop out box. For more instructions see the onscreen Popout gif maker highlighted below.

View Window

The View Window allows you to view the changes you are making in the settings menu.


The Zoom feature allows you to get the right angle for your gif. See how far you can take it!
Pro tip: you can use your scroll wheel to adjust the angle.

Max Zoom In
Max Zoom Out

Filter Intensity

The Filter Intensity slider allows you to control how strong the applied filter is.

Frames Per Second

Frames Per Second slider changes how many frames are used in making your gif.
Pro Tip: The higher the frame rate. The larger your gif will be.


The Duration slider sets how long you would like your gif to play out. Pro Tip: The longer the duration. The larger the gif will be.

Select a Filter

The Filter drop down allows you to pick between 14 different filters. Each filter allows you change the look of your world. And see what crazy things you can come up with.


Multiply duplicates the effect exponentially. You can really create some crazy colors.


The Record button is the one your looking for! It starts the capture process!


The never ending Gallery is where all of your gifs and the communities gifs will be located easily sharable by the URL link below the gif.

Mini Player

The Mini Player allows you to fully control your avatar while recording a gif.

Open Full Window – Opens the Gif Maker window to full screen.

Display Window – This allows you to view the gif your about to create in real time.

Go Live Button- Allows you to live stream your gif.

Record Gif Button – This button will start the creation of your gif.

Filter Effects


Black & White







Night Time

Gray Scale




Color Shift


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