New Pixel Mask Tool! Show off your beautiful smile!


With the new pixel face tool you will be able to show your face in Kynto. But, this tool will only show your face and nothing else on your screen.

Go ahead and turn on the pixel face tool. With your camera turned on in Kynto, try moving around in your seat, or move your phone around so that your face is not centered. You will notice that regardless of where you move in the frame. Your face on your avatar stays perfectly centered. There will be a quarter second of delay while the software searches for your face.

In this picture you can see that former President Barack Obama

Obama Single User Kynto Pixel Face Mask

Here you can see what the AI mapping tool is showing to users.

Obama Pixel Mask Kynto

You can see here what the pixel mask tool looks like in Kynto.

Multiple Pixel Map Tool..

Here you can see multiple faces are working.

In this example, the AI will not show a face in the pixel mask tool and it was not until Bo Jack horseman looks directly at the camera that the tool picks up a face to display his face.

In this example, the ai is filtering for my face to place a helmet on top of a human in real life.

Mark Zuckerberg Kynto Pixel Mask

Kynto’s Camera AI tool will also detect Robot Human’s faces. As long as that robot looks extremely similar to a human.

How do I activate the Pixel Mask feature?

To activate the Pixel Mask feature. Simply select the face icon in the “Stream” of kynto.

Kynto Navigation Bar

Your face should appear in the live preview section of Kynto’s Streaming tool. This tool allows you to see what other users are seeing live in your web browser as well as the image that will show over your avatars face.

User Snap Shot Is coming to Kynto!

Users will be able to save their face on their avatar. This will be a permanent image in kynto that will stay as the users face. Items can still be applied over top the face. Such as hats and hair.